Why Real SEO Rankings Don’t Happen Overnight

Why real SEO rankings don't happen overnight

Most businesses want SEO ranking right now, or within days of launching a new website. Whether they are going at it on their own, or hire an agency to help them, this critical expectation error is what leads many into the bottomless pits of wasting time, money, and effort (with little to gain).

Real SEO rankings come from a massive effort, both on-site and off-site, and those companies that do it right, will reap the ultimate rewards (although you must not discount paid advertising anymore either).

Fast SEO is Fake SEO

There are countless SEO professionals, marketing agencies, and fakes on Fiverr making promises out there they can’t keep. And clients are to blame a little here too, often demanding instant results and saying things like “well the other guys promised to get me ranked in a week, so why should I hire you?” or worse they go at it because their kid has a computer at home and read a few SEO blogs.

This type of client push, and requirement for “instant” and “cheap” SEO rankings kind of reminds me of the “graphic designer” syndrome that the industry went through a few years back. This was when many kids were making logos for their parent’s businesses just because mommy and daddy bought a computer and ripped off a illegal copies of Photoshop or the entire Adobe Creative Suite that would cost real professionals thousands of dollars.

Really. If you hired a kid to do your logo with ripped off software (and then you wander why software companies get so mad and annoyed when their software is being stolen) then you contributed to the problem. So, don’t now go and hire another kid to do your SEO, because then your business is not only finished, but you’ll regret it so hard in the long run, that even bankruptcy lawyers are going to laugh.

Well enough about that, but the point I was making is simple. Fast SEO, is absolutely, and totally fake. Promises of rankings within a week, cheap monthly management, and that first free month will quickly fade away. And by fade away, I mean “fade away” the same way as  when you hire a contractor for cash to work on your house. You’ll pay ten times more to fix a bad contractor job. It’s the same, if not more, with SEO.

Once your website is broken and muddled with useless backlinks from all over the internet, the repair job is literally short of something only an insane person would take on.

SEO Takes Time, Deal With It

Real SEO is takes time because it requires a few things you might not even have heard of. Yes, you’ll hear “experts” out there chime in about this or that, but most of them have learnt about SEO on other blogs.

Very few SEO experts have ever built their own website architecture, or custom coded a website from the inside out, or wrote the entire SEO-based web copy. In fact, I will wager that 99% of so called SEO experts never even touched this.

Here are the three key components of SEO.

1. Website Architecture

This is probably the most important factor in SEO work for a major website. If you’re not getting an architecture rebuild on your website, then you better stop paying for SEO and start from scratch.

SILO website architecture is the current standard, and even though it is elementary in its design, it does work.

2. Google Algorithm

A real SEO expert studies and understands how Google’s algorithm works, and how it will change in the future. This also means understanding of how much “weight” a certain Google update will have on a website’s performance.

Having personally ranked sites that ranked in top spots for many years at a time, I can simply tell you that most people who do SEO, simply do not understand the algorithm or how it actually works.

This leads to many “fake SEO experts” in companies, in high positions mind you, who simply read blogs about SEO, which suddenly makes instant “experts” on the matter within that company.

If you’re a CEO of a company, and your Vice-President suddenly became an SEO expert overnight, you might want to take note of what I am saying here. Because at some point you’ll want to hire a real expert, and your in-house “fake” is going to be the judge of that candidate.

The easiest way to spot an in-house SEO fake at your company is the one who reads all the latest updates on changes and makes a big fuss about them (or using that as interview question). Just because they read these updates, it doesn’t mean they actually “understand” them.

Office politics aside, it’s always good to educate yourself on the fact that most car mechanics will want to rip you off. Unfortunately, it’s the same in the world of SEO.

3. Content

Failure here is imminent. Google will not serve your website if it has bad content. It’s really that simple. How should you develop quality content? Simple really. Pay a professional writer. Pay an agency. Or hire an internal expert to do it.

Whatever you do, if you really care about your business, don’t let some kids of your friends do it because they “have a computer.”

The Competition is Real, and They are NOT Kidding Around

You’re smart business CEO or executive, so let me ask you something. Do you really think you’re the only player in the market? And even if you’re a fresh start-up, would you really expect to have your space to yourself for very long?

Money is like blood in the water for the sharks, and believe me, no matter how “awesomely” wealthy you think you are, there’s always another guy or gal with ten times the amount of money and connections looking for “your profitable idea” that they can scale faster than you.

All too many times I see companies cheaply trying to do their online strategy, only to get left in the dust. And we’re talking real dollars and sense wise!

Think about the brands that you love. Audi. Mercedes. Apple. They are in your face. They are everywhere. They want you to know they are there. So why would you ever think your customers are any different? Yes, surely modern marketing schools are pumping out kids left and right who think that will little marketing money a company can make it big. Well, that’s all great and all, until a real player comes in to crush you like the bug you are.

The name of the game in business is simple.

Pay to Play or get out.

Tony Dygal

And that’s my quote. So if you want to use it, don’t forget to reference me. Anyways, here’s the issue. SEO is expensive! SEO is also time consuming. Not to mention, very difficult to implement correctly. And then there’s ten to a hundred other companies that you will have to compete with for the same keywords, same rankings, and same geographic locations.

So when some “SEO Expert” or “SEO Agency” tells you that within a week or two you’ll be ranked, outdoing all of your already established and upcoming competition, run for the hills! Otherwise, you’ll suffer the same fate as my “never clients” (people that I never do business with), who would crawl to me begging for help when they wired $1,000 USD to some fake SEO company, who either did nothing (they often get the money and break all contact with their silly client, never doing any work), or bought 30,000 backlinks that will take months to remove at a cost to the tune of many thousands of dollars.


And there you have it. Now you should understand why real SEO rankings don’t happen overnight. And if you want to learn more. Who knows, maybe I will offer some courses down the road. Request it and I might consider it. Leave your comments below if you got something to add!


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