$10 per click? How to justify your AdWords spend

Can you justify spending over $10 in Google AdWords

AdWords PPC advertising has revolutionized online marketing. Gone are the days of incredibly expensive national newspaper ads which offered no direct measurement of success (although this is now partly possible by clever use of sub-domain URLs and customized tracking systems through Google Analytics).

There’s a supply and demand factor in PPC ads, and the recommended budget for some clicks can quickly reach numbers that may seem a little bit intimidating.

Putting costs into this article is fruitless, as prices change based on region and competition nearly daily. However, I can safely say that many keywords tend to fall into the over $5 category and quickly skyrocket far past that to over $10 (although some keywords can go past $20, $55, $95, $127, and even more).

But these PPC costs are only intimidating if your company has had no marketing budget before, or simply doesn’t understand the measurability of Google AdWords PPC Ad Campaigns (if your marketing department is still clinging on to only traditional advertising, you may want to have a little chat with your head of marketing).

The key is in the AdWords data

Simply put, you’re not just spending money for keyword bids where ads run an instant auction every-time a user queries a search. The data gathering from AdWords is absolutely insanely powerful. Smart marketers can learn completely new things about their target market, then fine tune, re-tune, and suddenly make huge sales wins.

But to do this type of clever campaign requires immense skills and experience in running large budget campaigns, combined with marketing knowhow, data mining, analytics expertise, conversion set ups, custom path funnels, custom landing pages, A/B testing… I could go on and on this!

There are tons of options for AdWords account management

You’ll hear about automated solutions of course. As I always say, automation is not your friend. Don’t pay for it. Pay a professional to handle your AdWords account. Alternatively, Google helps certain businesses get started as well, but don’t expect them to manage the account for you in the long term, they simply don’t do that (it would break their partnerships with their agencies, and that’s not a good idea as Google isn’t the only kid on the block… There’s ‘Facebook’ now *cough* *cough*).

Of course, there is no shortage of companies who completely flush their money down the tubes on AdWords. But here is the thing. You can easily justify paying a lot per click, $10 or more, but you have to know what you’re doing.

The reality – AdWords costs money

For traditional marketers, spending $50,000 on a single newspaper ad, is far easier than planning out digital marketing spend. The trick is to get into Google AdWords for the long term. Too many companies are going in and out, most of the time because their marketing departments are not equipped with the immense technological and marketing expertise required for a professionally managed AdWords campaign.

This of course works to the advantage of long-term players. Those players include the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world, who have been increasing digital ad spend year over year at double digit rates.

In reality, $10 per click is actually not that much. But long-term AdWords campaigns must be managed by a professional who will also understand how to bring that cost-per-click down by constantly tweaking the countless optimization options that are available from the AdWords, the Ad creative, and the landing page.


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