Google AdWords account-level call extensions updates

Google AdWords Call Extension Updates 2017

Business names will now show in call-only ads. Yes!

This, and also expansion of the automated call extensions in AdWords are on the way along with new reporting features.

Google Click-To-Call AdWords Update

Google says they are striving to improve the way business receive calls in three ways.

  1. Simplified workflow to set up click-to-call ads quicker
  2. Improved experiences to help potential customers call your business
  3. Detailed call reporting to show which campaign components drive the best calls

AdWords Account-Level Call Extensions

The account-level call extensions will start to roll out this week! This will eliminate the need to have to add call extensions to individual campaigns and ad groups (thank you Google!).

Automated AdWords Call Extensions Rolling Out

Starting in January, automated call extensions are coming globally over the next few months. If you already set up your extensions, you are all set. If you didn’t set them up for specific reasons, you can still opt out.

New Keyword and Ad-Level Reporting

Coming soon, to and AdWords account near you, new call details are coming to your keyword and ad reports. New columns for “Phone Impressions” and also “Phone Calls” will now provide a more comprehensive view for call performance.

As always, great new ad features are nice, but just keep in mind that as a business, you need to ensure the entire sales funnel is able to keep up.


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