3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Newsletter

3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Newsletter

A newsletter is a key marketing piece that helps your business build customer lists and greatly affects overall loyalty. There are also many reasons to create a newsletter depending on the industry your company is in.

Here are 3 key reasons why you really need that newsletter.

1. Maintain Contact

Customers typically enjoy subscribing to content they like. If you have great newsletter content, it may become a very important part of your business faster than you think! Maintaining some form of contact with you customers is where repeat business is generated from.

Send customers updates, industry news, cool new features, a fundraiser you’re doing, and so on. And, on occasion, you can also send out deals that only newsletter customers will receive!

2. Convert New Website Visitors Into Customers

Many customers may not make a purchase on your website or from your business right away. It is important to stay in contact with these potential customers, especially if they are comparing items and shopping around. Finding a way to sign them up for your newsletter (promise a few deals if you can) is a great way to keep your business on their mind and eventually win them over.

Keep in mind though, you’re not just going to send customers deal after deal hoping for a pure price play. Even Best Buy deals in my mailbox get tiring week after week and I got so annoyed I had to unsubscribe. Had Best Buy actually sent out useful content, I might have remained on their mailing list.

The best way to ensure you customers are happy is simply ask yourself if this is a newsletter you would like to receive yourself. If the answer is “no” then go back to the drawing board!

3. Become A Valued Voice

Yes. Every marketer will tell you “establish yourself as an expert” but since everyone is doing this, you will get lost in the sea of many others. For example, every dentist may consider themselves and expert in their work and create a blog to establish themselves as an expert, but then they are going to sound all the same.

But being a “valued voice” is basically not worrying about traditional marketing methods of emails and newsletter, and simply publishing things for your customers. Maybe you’re throwing a customer appreciation BBQ at your local store or maybe you want to warn customers of recalls for a product you sell (or, even better, a product that your competitor is selling), and so on.

This way, your customers will come to rely on your newsletter for useful things and you won’t sound like another business beating the same drum of “expert this” or “expert that.”

Closing Thoughts

If you don’t have a newsletter system in place, do not worry. It’s better late than never, so never fret over why you have not had newsletters for so many years. Just start thinking about what your customers would appreciate to know and go from there!


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